How Much Is Insurance For A Truck Driver In Springhill, Tennessee In 2022?

How Much Is Insurance For A Truck Driver

The backbone of every huge commercial market is supply chain and logistics management. The USA is one of the biggest consumer markets in the world. To keep this massive market running and maintain supply and demand, the trucking business plays an important role. The trucking business is one of the most important business sectors in the USA. Furthermore, trucks are required to handle heavy workloads. Hence, this also makes trucking one of the riskiest businesses in the USA. Therefore, if you run a trucking business, ensure that you get the right trucking insurance.

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How Much Is Insurance For A Truck Driver- Why Do You Need It?

Trucks are always vulnerable and susceptible to numerous threats and dangers because they are on the road most of the time. Accidents, collisions, liable damages, and casualties in a worst-case scenario are common when trucking. Hence, such unfortunate events can result in hefty expenses and liability charges. Furthermore, the life of a truck driver and other people involved in a trucking accident is constantly at threat of bodily damage.

According to Carsurance,

  • From a worldwide perspective, most truck accidents take place in the USA, Russia, and Mexico.
  • In 2017, truck-related accidents were responsible for 11% of roadside fatalities in the USA.
  • Roughly 500,000 trucking-related accidents happen every year in the USA, and millions of injuries happen every year.

Hence, these chilling facts highlight how much your trucks need trucking insurance. Truck accidents result in heavy liability charges as well. Furthermore, covering for property damage of third parties can also be a serious headache both on your head and wallet.

Therefore, every truck owner should get their trucks insured immediately.

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how much is insurance for a truck driver

How Much Is Insurance For A Truck Driver: Coverages?

Trucking business owners should know that commercial auto insurance is mandatory. In fact, almost every vehicle, whether private or commercial, requires minimum coverage. But minimum coverage may not be sufficient to cover your truck. In such cases, you can consult with an insurance broker or an independent insurance agent. Make sure that you consult with all legal professionals as well.

  • Liability: This coverage assists when truck drivers cause injury or property damage to others.
  • Non-Trucking Liability: This insurance helps when trucker causes damage outside trucking work
  • Cargo Insurance: This coverage helps to cover or compensate for damaged cargo during transportation.
  • Comprehensive: This coverage helps cover damages outside of accidents or collisions like fire, falling tree branches, hail, and theft.

These are some of the basic coverages included in trucking insurance. But minimum coverage may not be enough all the time. Therefore, in such cases, you need to consult with a broker or an independent agent.

Moving on, always note that even within the trucking business, there are different types of trucks handling different types of professions and cargo. Hence, make sure that you get the right insurance that covers your truck in the best way.


As a trucking business owner, you cannot ignore trucking insurance. This is because a lot is at stake. Hence, this coverage protects you from hefty expenses in case an unfortunate event occurs. Finally, make sure that you consult and get a quote from the right insurance professional before settling for trucking insurance.

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Furthermore, get to know about independent insurance. Also, you may not want to lose out on captive insurance agents. Lastly, to perform marketing for insurance in the most successful manner, you should know how to do the best insurance marketing. We are here to provide you all the related information.


Do truck drivers need special insurance? 

Although commercial insurance is necessary for truck drivers, who pays for it varies. Some trucking businesses own all of their cars and employ drivers. In this instance, the insurance expenses will be borne by the firm. 

What is a bobtail policy? 

When you’re not transporting a trailer or other load, bobtail insurance protects you and your semi-truck. Bobtail insurance also applies when you drive your tractor home after dropping off cargo and trailer. If you’re transporting a trailer, reefer, or other cargo, your bobtail insurance will not protect you. 

Is insurance higher on diesel trucks? 

Insurance prices are determined by the car’s value, regardless of the type of vehicle purchased. As a result, insuring a higher-priced car will cost more than insuring a lower-priced vehicle. Because diesel vehicles are more expensive to build than ordinary gas trucks, diesel truck insurance is typically 10-15% more than gas truck insurance. 

trucking insurance
trucking insurance
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